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“We all live for those magic moments in life when everything just seems to go right, like a pro athlete who joins the big leagues and wins the cup in his first visit to the finals. Some people spend their whole careers trying to duplicate that success and feeling, they never stop to enjoy the small moments, never savouring them -- waiting for moments of holding the “cup” until later in their career only to find sometimes it never happens at all, usually taking those moments for granted. We need to focus on the small magic moments that happen in our everyday life, be it on the big stage or the small one. Doing it because of what started us out as kids along that path - the love of that magic moment! We never really know how or why special things come along, but when they do, you can’t plan them, they just seem to happen. So don’t let them pass you by - enjoy the ride!”

            Shine up those dancing shoes”   -- Sonny Boy Mick

  Burlington singer/songwriter Stephen McPhail first picked up the guitar at the age of 11. Growing up in the Northern Ontario town of Sault Ste. Marie, he was singing in school festivals, teaching guitar and playing professional gigs by the age of 15. He moved to Burlington Ontario to pursue his love of music, performing with some of Toronto's premier club acts as well as owning and operating Burlington’s Melody Man Studios (teaching and recording studio). Steve has also been writing with and producing several "up and coming" artists in the G.T.A.    

 He has also worked as a studio musician making guest appearances as a vocalist and guitarist on several CD projects as well as most recently performed as lead guitarist for such acts as Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Johnny Reid and Tim Hicks


For the past year Stephen has been performing  the hits of David Bowie with the "British Legends Show "of Bounty Enterprises  (producers of Abbamania, and Night Fever) , and will also be performing some upcoming shows with LEGENDS IN CONCERT in the USA  and North America.   

Be sure to check in on for shows and updates.


 Sonny Boy Mick has received the honour of :

- Finalist in the Annual  2011 Performing Arts Awards in Burlington Ontario

- Finalist in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest.

- Nominated for "BEST POP ARTIST" in the 2008 Ontario Independant Music Awards.

- Honourable Mention in the 2008 Billboard World Songwriting Contest   ..

- The singles "Today, "Always on my mind", "5am" and "Northern Town" have been featured in TV episodes across Canada.


Sonny Boy Mick Discography

- "My Favourite Song "- Bullseye Records Unsigned, Sealed, Delivered Volume 9 - April 2016

- "(Make Me Do) Anything You Want" - single - October 2014 ITunes

- “My Favourite Song”  December 2013  ITunes

- “Father Daughter Wedding Dance  (Daddy’s Little Girl )”  June 2011  ITunes

- “Nobody's Better Than You” October , 2010  ITunes

 - “Today – single”  Hollywood's 272 Records March 2010

- “PEACE, LOVE, AND SONNY BOY"  September  2008 ITunes

- “Hallelujah – single”  2006 ITunes

- "The Vibe of My Acoustic”  March 2001  Indiepool